Getting Started With

 How To Set Up Your Account! 

 As you should know by now BitCoin is a digital currency and therefore you will need a digital BitCoin Wallet Account. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. We recommend “Coin Base” as a starter account, because they give you the ability to purchase BitCoin directly from your personal account.

Set Up Your Bitcoin Wallet

 Note - Double check everything you are doing here...
- Keep a safe record of your usernames and passwords...
- Read carefully and follow the onscreen instructions...

A. Coin Base – Connect and verify your Bank Account and Credit/Debit Card in order to purchase bitcoin direct from Coin Base. With your “verified” Credit/Debit Card you can purchase bitcoin instantly. For large purchases you will need to get your bank account “verified”. Coin Base will make 2 small charges on your account in which you will need to verify the amounts to connect your new payment option.

B. – One of the world first and most common btc wallet.

C. Exodus - Offline Wallet installed on your laptop or desktop.

D. SpectroCoin – This is a bitcoin wallet, bitcoin exchange and bitcoin merchant account with its own debit card for easy bitcoin purchases.  You can connect and verify your Credit/Debit Card, then deposit funds to buy bitcoin instantly.

E. Here is a bonus list of the TOP 40+ BITCOIN EXCHANGE LIST:
* Best Sites to Buy & Sell  If you are new to cryptocurrency exchanges
then lookout for the  "beginner-friendly" column.

Set up your GladiaCoin Account

 Note - Double check everything you are doing here...
- Keep a safe record of your usernames and passwords...
- Read carefully and follow the onscreen instructions...

A. Go HERE to join GladiaCoin if you have not yet done so.  

- Click on “Sign Up” Select the Spartacus package you wish to start with.
- Fill out the registration form with correct information and submit it.

B. Activating/Upgrading your GladiaCoin Account.

- You will be taken to your “pending” Dashboard.
- Click on the “Pay With Bitcoin” button.
- A unique 34 character payment upgrade id will be generated.
- Also an exact payment upgrade bitcoin amount will be shown.
- Now you will need to copy the 34 character payment id.
- Login to your bitcoin wallet and paste the payment id in the selection for the recipient or sending to.
- Copy and paste the upgrade amount displayed on your Dashboard in the selection for “btc” amount.
- In the “Note” section you can put “GC-YourUsernameGoesHere”(optional) - Double check all the numbers and then send the payment.

C. After you have sent your payment.

- It can take up to an hour for your “pending” Dashboard to show a change. (Check back every 20 mins)
- Once “Activated” your Dashboard will contain your progress bar and your promotional link.

D. Your account is activated…Now What?

- You will need to add your bitcoin wallet address in the “BitCoin Wallet” section on your GC Dashboard.
- This is where you want your automatic bitcoin payments sent.
- Set up your “Default Leg” to “Lower” (Maximizes your binary bonuses)

E. How to speed up your 90 Day Contract?

- Get “Binary Qualified” by inviting just 2 new upgraded members.
- You can manually place 1 person or your Left Leg and 1 person on your Right Leg.
- When a person signs up you can place them before they get activated in the “Pending Referrals” section.
- Help your 2 new members get 2 new members each and so on and so on. - Each leg is like a daily sales team, you will earn a binary bonus  on the team with the “least” amount of volume (90 Day Contracts Purchased) accumulated for that 24 hour period.

F. Primary Objective For Growth

- Start at the highest Spartacus level you can…Why would you double $100 when you can double $1000 in the same time period.
- Get Binary Qualified as soon as possible. - Spread the word tell everyone within 3 feet of you about what you do.

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